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We publish helpful articles for people who make and manage websites.

• By Garrett Winder

Our part in small business digital transformation

We’re all having to come to grips with the massive changes COVID-19 has brought to our day-to-day lives, both from a health and economic perspective. There’s a lot of scary stuff happening, which has significantly impacted our families, friends, businesses, and everything in between.Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about how we as… Read More

• By Garrett Winder

6 years of Good Work

6 years of Good Work

I look forward to this post every year where I get to go off-topic (for our blog, at least) and publicly reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the previous 365 days as a company.One of the many things I like love about Good Work is our ability to continually evolve,… Read More

• By Garrett Winder

Regularly scheduled website audits

Regularly scheduled website audits

I recently wrote How to use Google Analytics to improve your website,’ an article about making strategic website planning decisions by prioritizing, tracking and analyzing your goals with Google Analytics.I’d like to continue the theme of making informed website decisions by hopping over to another data-driven topic: website audits. Website… Read More

• By Garrett Winder

How to use Google Analytics to improve your website

How to use Google Analytics to improve your website

Digging through Google Analytics to track your website’s performance can be an overwhelming and confusing process. It’s easy to base decisions on general statistics like Bounce Rates and Website Visitors, but if we dig a little further there’s loads of useful data that can help guide your website improvements.I recently… Read More

Six steps to a successful designer to developer handoff

You’ve spent months on the design of your new website. You’ve been there for every email thread and conference call, reviewing color choices, user experience and content management system (CMS) functionality. The last step is packaging up the design files for your development team to bring the website to life. It’s… Read More