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• By Garrett Winder

How to setup an SEO-friendly Craft CMS website

How to setup an SEO-friendly Craft CMS website

Outside of general ease-of-use and editing capabilities, it’s important to choose a content management system that has the tools and features required for your content editors to maintain an SEO-friendly website. Craft CMS is used by businesses large and small, from mom-and-pop shops to large brands like PBS, Sonos and… Read More

Top 10 project management tips for web development projects

1. Set your goals Websites are rarely made to simply be a brochure anymore. Even marketing websites have multi-layer approaches to user experience to ensure people receive tailored information. With that in mind, setting project goals with your team is the first — and most important — thing you can… Read More

Adding a Mailchimp subscribe feature to an existing contact form

The Problem I have a contact form that when submitted emails the form’s details and saves them to a database. I also need to add the submitted email address to a Mailchimp list. The Idea Create a hidden form that grabs the input from the form being completed. When the visible… Read More

• By Jake Dohm

Creating an API with Twig

Creating an API with Twig

Creating an API can be tricky. You have to install the Element API plugin, configure it and set up your endpoints. Not to mention that if you’re not as familiar with PHP it can be difficult to figure out how to query for what you need! On the other hand… Read More