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May 16, 2016 • By Covington Doan

Why our clients love Craft CMS

This article was written in 2016. You can find more recent Craft CMS articles that we have written on our Craft Blog.

More and more people are discovering Craft CMS. With big names like the AirBnb, PBS Kids, Netflix, and Sonos moving to Craft, the future looks bright.

There's a lot out there on what makes Craft great from a web development standpoint, but Craft is great for non-technical users, too.

Here are the biggest reasons our clients love Craft:

Live Preview + Matrix Fields

This is a formidable 1-2 combo.

WYSIWYG editors make the promise of being able to create beautiful page layouts, but are often a hassle to work with. You're constantly switching between views and re-dragging-and-dropping. And all the while you're hoping you don't have to click that dreaded "HTML Source" button...

Craft's Live Preview feature combined with Craft Matrix fields, give you the flexibility to create your own layouts without the fear of "messing things up".

Craft Matrix fields are made up of blocks and you can have many different block types. Blocks can be added, deleted, and reordered as needed, which gives authors the flexibility to create unique layouts that look professional and considered.

Here’s an example for one of our clients:

Screenshot of a Craft CMS entry edit page next to the actual web page

We used Matrix fields to help our client create custom restaurant menus.

Craft's Live Preview feature lets you see how your content will look before it goes live. You can also share your work with others to get feedback before publishing to the live site. Craft gives you a special link to view the page (without requiring a login).

These two features make it a breeze for our clients to create and manage their content.

Simple and Intuitive Backend

Craft is simple and straightforward through and through.

The control panel is simple and intuitively organized. The controls are easy to use on any device. So you can make minor changes or additions even when you're away from the office.

A person holding a phone showing the mobile friendly Craft CMS admin panel

Quick and Easy Updates

Because Craft provides so many features right out of the box, we can reduce the amount of third-party code/plug-ins, which makes updating Craft a breeze. Updates usually take seconds instead of hours.

To summarize, Craft delivers one of the best client CMS experiences and we love making sites with Craft.

If you're interested in learning more, we've written about the history of Craft, with included links to resources and milestones on our Craft CMS page.

A screenshot of code with an illustrated man with a video camera next to it

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