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Case Study

Travis County Parks Foundation Case Study

Trekking our way to a fully-launched site.

The Situation

Travis Country Parks Foundation was created to raise awareness and donations for the various parks in the greater Austin, TX area. As a newly-created foundation, they wanted a website that met all of their needs from day one. But as a new nonprofit, those needs weren’t totally clear. On top of that, they needed to build a brand identity to help gain more exposure with their community.

The team at the Travis County Parks Foundation hired Canales & Co. to design a brand that was worthy of launching the new nonprofit. And the Canales team brought us in to help think through every little detail of their web development.

Our Approach

Together with Canales & Co., we worked through all of the requirements Travis County Parks Foundation had for their site: an eCommerce storefront, an interactive parks map, and a seamless way for donors to give online.

We worked hand-in-hand with the design team at every stage of their wireframes so that when they had ideas, we could be confident (and over-prepared) to implement them when the design was ready to be developed.

We went above and beyond to make park exploring fun for both the Travis Park team and the residents of greater Austin, TX. We’re so proud to have launched a site that’s as beautiful as the Travis County parks!

  • Launched a delightful, easy-to-navigate site that met Travis County Parks Foundation's needs on time
  • Created an eCommerce storefront that’s ready for their merch line launch, complete with check-out flows and easy-to-use marketing tools for the team
  • Built an interactive park map for easy user exploring

“Good Work supports clients through the totality of web projects”

This project was particularly important to our agency as it represented the heart of the city we love - the parks of Travis County. The clients, who were the members that make up the foundation, have a mission and passion for encouraging the community to get outdoors and engage in the variety of activities offered through the parks system. We wanted to ensure we partnered with a web developer that would help bring this mission to the forefront. Good Work supports clients through the totality of web projects - from advising on the features to education into the back-end system. We couldn't be more proud of the work done together.

Vanessa Ellis, Brand Manager, Canales & Co.

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