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Our expert team of web developers have been working with ExpressionEngine (EE) since 2006, and manage 100+ EE websites on a regular basis.

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In short:

Why you’ll ♥ EE

  • Hundreds of 3rd party add-ons and integrations
  • A mature CMS that’s been around for 15 years
  • Easily content manage unique content types
  • Large development community

What is ExpressionEngine?

Originally called pMachine Pro, ExpressionEngine was created by Rick Ellis, founder of EllisLab, in 2002. For the next 10 years or so, EE was one of the most flexible and easy to use content management systems on the market. It proved a great choice for everything from small marketing websites to content heavy websites like publications and municipalities. At the time, a lot of content management systems seemed to be geared specifically toward blogging. ExpressionEngine was different. To this day, ExpressionEngine is the go-to CMS for thousands of web designers and developers around the world, with widespread adoption across the United States and the UK.

In 2007, arguably the beginning of the height of the ExpressionEngine era, the suite of EllisLab websites and products were redesigned by the incredibly talented Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain.

See it on the Wayback Machine.

Due to people such as Michael Boyink and his easy to follow “Building a small business website with ExpressionEngine” tutorials, and Ryan Irelan’s EE Insider website, a close knit, one of a kind developer community quickly grew around the platform. Well known agencies at the time such as Happy Cog, Erskine Design and nGen Works were using the product on an almost exclusive basis. Soon there after, the ExpressionEngine community became a flourishing digital world of EECI conferences, Twitter hashtags and friendly people ready to answer any and all questions you may have about the platform.

As of the time of this writing, ExpressionEngine is on version 3.5.2.

View the changlelog for up-to-date release statistics.

Relevant dates and milestones

Learn more about ExpressionEngine 3.

Good Work + ExpressionEngine

Members of our team have spoken at EE conferences all over the world, and written about the platform in major web publications such as .net Magazine and Smashing Magazine.

We currently support and maintain over 100 ExpressionEngine websites through our aftercare program, and have created EE websites for clients in just about every major industry.

We are no longer using ExpressionEngine for new website builds, but can maintain or even migrate your existing ExpressionEngine websites as we have with so many others.

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