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Developing a new Craft website for Applause

The client: Applause

Our task: Website development & maintenance

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Applause is the go-to crowdsourcing platform for website and application quality assurance testing, used by world-class brands like Disney, Google, Uber and Slack to help drive positive business outcomes and deliver flawless digital experiences to their customers. With a fast approaching deadline, we were approached by their digital team to assist in launching their Craft CMS website redesign project on time.


With a redesign already underway, our team began with a thorough discovery process to better understand where the project currently stood, and what steps needed to be completed before launch in relation to the upcoming deadline. After scoping the existing priority items in Jira, and referencing that time against the deadline, we were able to build the right size team and sprint schedule to meet the necessary deadlines.

We initiated a two-prong approach, assigning one team member to finalize the development sections of the redesign in progress, and ensuring the code was efficient and clean for future website iterations. A second team member was tasked with the implementation of the new designs. During the project, questions regarding a Marketo implementation arose, and due to the breadth of our expertise we were able to tap a third team member to tackle this challenge.

To ensure both teams did not interfere with each other, we worked within Applause’s Jira and Slack to stay in constant communication and encourage momentum. Our project manager also hosted a weekly stand-up call with Applause’s team lead to create a transparent conversation on progress so that issues could be quickly addressed.


Once the project successfully launched our role quickly shifted into the lead development team for their ongoing digital roadmap. Today we manage everything from day-to-day administrative development tasks, like Craft CMS upgrades, deployment schedules and maintenance. We also handle long-term projects, like quarterly microsites and new sections and features added to their main website. As their ongoing maintenance partner, we remain in constant communication to prioritize projects and analyze progress through asynchronous apps like Trello and Slack, in addition to daily status meetings.

  • Developed a custom Craft CMS plugin to replace an off-the-shelf Marketo iFrame integration, allowing Applause to interface directly with Marketo’s API to provide full design and functionality control while quickly gathering more detailed website feedback
  • Reviewed an in-depth accessibility audit of the client’s previous website and implemented systematic improvements across the website, from keyboard navigation to contrast ratios, achieving an excellent grade against A11Y guidelines