Ongoing Craft CMS maintenance for DPR Construction

DPR Construction is a national commercial contractor and construction company and has been ranked in the top 50 general contractors in the country since 1997. We lead the development on their primary website as well as their other digital assets like the 2018 Holiday Microsite.

Screenshot of DPR Holiday Microsite

The digital marketing team at DPR was in need of a full time development partner to take on more ongoing responsibilities with their existing Craft CMS website and other digital assets than their current partner could offer. They reached out to Good Work in the spring of 2018 and we have been working together on an ongoing basis ever since.

We hold a weekly status meeting to ensure we are always working on the highest priority items and every month we have a more in-depth roadmap conversation to stay ahead of larger projects on the horizon. All of our projects, whether small support and maintenance jobs or larger one-off projects are managed in a shared Trello board.

Today we manage the development of the primary Craft CMS website at dpr​.com as well as digital projects for other departments within the company.

An example of a recent project we did for DPR is the 2018 holiday microsite.

The DPR Holiday Microsite

DPR has been creating yearly holiday microsites dating back to 2008, and this past year we were tasked with designing and developing the 2018 edition.

The idea was to create an advent calendar for healthy living, and each day a new door” on the calendar would be opened. DPR was in charge of the content while we handled the design, development and illustrations for the new website.

We set up a new instance of Craft CMS to allow DPR to manage the 2018 microsite as well as all historical sites dating back to 2018.

You can visit the 2018 website at http://​hol​i​day2018​.dpr​.com/, and peruse through the older sites at http://​hol​i​day​.dpr​.com/.

You can also check out the primary DPR Construction website at https://​www​.dpr​.com/.