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Ongoing Craft development for Freeman Company

The client: Freeman Company

Our task: Website development & maintenance

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Freeman is the world’s leading brand experience company for conferences, events and trade shows around the world, building powerful and resonant experiences that inspire, amaze and influence audiences to action. After completing a redesign and development exercise with one of our design agency partners, Freeman’s team approached us to become their ongoing maintenance development partner.


Freeman came to us armed with an extensive list of bug fixes, updates and future plans. We first worked with their marketing team to build a communication strategy that both teams to efficiently work together. This resulted in a shared Trello board and Slack channel, as well as a weekly standing meeting. This system allowed both our teams constant oversight on progress, issue resolution and deployment notifications.

Once the Trello system was in place, we worked with our lead contact to prioritize and timeline their current and projected needs for their fiscal year. As a global company with constantly evolving priorities and tasks, our greatest challenge was creating a schedule that was nimble enough to pivot as new projects arose and/​or priorities shifted. We were able to accomplish this through transparent communication and careful scheduling and hour allocation to protect for unforeseen circumstances.


Freeman has a great understanding of what it means to be a responsive website in today’s world. Their designs constantly pushed the envelope of interactivity and their use of multimedia, forcing us to create clever solutions that scaled not just for screen size, but also device capabilities and bandwidth limitations. With an international audience we had to continually monitor our approach to both the design and implementation of their sites and web properties so that different languages worked in sync with the design and functionality requirements.

  • Worked with the Canvas API when possible to generate procedural graphic elements, providing improved performance across the board
  • Engaged Freeman’s team to ensure content editors around the world had full control over the content and layout of their respective website, without risk of breaking strict style requirements the Freeman design team had imposed

I could always trust that [Good Work] would give me advice that was good for my company and for my team.”

Photo of Liz Landry, Freeman Liz Landry, Freeman