Craft CMS development for a NYC furniture company

Heartwork is a modern furniture company in NYC helping to build the future of work through flexible workspace furniture solutions. Their impressive customer list includes brands like Amazon, AirBnb, Spotify and Google. We work with the team at Heartwork on an ongoing basis for Craft CMS website maintenance. Our most recent project together was the homepage redesign.

Screenshots of the new desktop and mobile Heartwork homepage

The Heartwork team wanted to revisit and redesign their homepage to be more comprehensive as a brand overview and communicate their mission and beliefs prominently and concisely.

Design was handled by the team at Heartwork and we were tasked with front-end development and Craft CMS integration.

The project kicked off with our design kick-off meeting. This meeting is an (up to) hour long discussion at the beginning of our web development projects where project management, design and development walk through each design element together, talking through intended functionality, vision, etc. It’s also a time to talk through any additional Craft CMS feature expectations to ensure we’re all on the same page.

Once the kick-off was complete we moved into a 2 week development cycle followed by our extensive QA and launch process.

The end result was a new, clean and modern homepage for Heartwork to kick off 2019. Check it out at heart​work​.com.

Screenshots of the new desktop and mobile Heartwork navigation