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About Good Work

We’re web development experts.

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  • Expert Web Development

  • Simple Web Maintenance

  • Reliable Web Hosting

The web development process can be frustrating.

We exist to change that.

You shouldn’t have to pull your hair out to get your project launched. If your web development partner doesn’t communicate consistently or proactively, it can be a real headache. We get it. That’s why we’re here.

We love working with Good Work. After running through two agencies who weren’t able to make true progress with our website, Good Work came in and saved the day! They are masters of the Craft platform and took our website from blah to beautiful on a quick timeline. I highly recommend them. And we’re picky!

Ashley Thompson, SMA Technologies

At Good Work, we are web development experts who are obsessed with the process - not just the end result.

For both agencies and brands, we specialize in Craft CMS development with a project management team and process that won’t let you down.

Our team speaks human.

Our remote team is based in Texas and located across the U.S., England and France. We don’t bombard clients with web-speak and unclear processes. We’re known for our deep understanding of client needs and can set realistic expectations so that your next web project feels easy.

  • Garrett Winder


    Dallas, TX

  • Ariel Kidwell

    Director of Strategy

    Dallas, TX

  • Chris Rowe

    Director of Development


  • Gavin Platt

    Web Designer & Developer


  • Jeff Irwin

    Web Developer

    Dallas, TX

  • Grant Abston

    Client Services Manager

    Abilene, TX

  • Robin Mannering

    Web Developer


  • Shannon Maylath

    Project Manager

    Dallas, TX

  • Andrew Menich

    Web Developer

    Bowling Green, OH

  • Ant Cooper

    Web Developer

    Isle of Man

  • Zac Jensen

    Web Developer

    Oklahoma City, OK

  • Max Hodges

    The Intern

    Dallas, TX

We believe the end result is just as important as the path to get there.

Over 100 design and marketing teams agree. The Good Work Way makes all the difference.

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    Hat Creek + Guerilla Suit

    Building a sleek, modern site that’s a joy to look at and use.

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    World Travel + lookthinkmake

    Modernizing world travel and managing scope with our agency partner.

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Stop getting stuck in development limbo.

Get a website that wows with a simple development process that you can trust.