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We’re a team of Dallas-based web and mobile developers with satellite offices across the UK.

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We’re known for our ability to speak human and our deep understanding of client needs and expectations.

Since our inception we’ve helped brands, agencies and startups build and maintain hundreds of websites, apps and other digital projects.

Ariel Kidwell

Studio Manager

With 10+ years experience in integrated marketing and project management for everything from tiny nonprofits to global agencies, Ariel is the glue that keeps this ship afloat. She leads the scheduling and planning of all of our projects, as well as client communication and keeping our team on track. Outside of work you can find her traveling to remote places and generally doing all things outdoorsy. In another life she’ll have a tiny house in the mountains of Colorado, but Dallas will do for now.

Garrett Winder

Founder & Managing Director

Garrett started Good Work in early 2014 and leads the day-to-day operations for the company. He has over 10 years of experience in digital client services, and has spoken at conferences across the globe on the subject of web development. Garrett lives in Dallas, Texas where he serves on the advisory board of The Iron Yard Academy and runs up and down the Katy Trail entirely too much. Used to live in England, pretty obsessed with it.

Steve Sharpe

Web & Mobile Developer

Steve is our in-house engineer. If you can dream it, he can build it – from complex web applications to native mobile applications for iOS and Android. He’s been a developer since Y2K, working on large scale projects for brands like Coca-Cola, KPMG, Unilever and Procter & Gamble. Steve is one of the latest editions to our team and we’re thrilled to have him. His thoroughness and attention to detail is second to none, and he gives Chris some real competition in the Apple Fanboy column.

Chris Rowe

Development Director

Chris is a sprightly chap with a hawk eye for the smallest of details, and keeps the team up-to-date with our development processes and workflows. Spending most of his time beavering away in semantic markup and super organized stylesheets - Chris likes to use every Sublime shortcut known to man. He’s a pro Craft CMS developer and will definitely buy a DeLorean some day. Chris lives in Nottingham, England - and the tree in his garden is a direct descendant of the Major Oak.

Gavin Platt

Web Designer & Developer

Gavin joined Good Work in August 2016 after 10 years as a Leeds-based freelance web designer & front-end developer, and we couldn’t be happier. His Northern wit coupled with his eye for clean, intuitive design fits in just right here. When Gavin’s not making websites, you can find him out at gigs around Leeds, mountain biking and climbing. He’s also the one that officially made our UK team outnumber our US team.

Boots Highland

Web Developer

Boots is an Internet veteran and bass guitarist with 20 years of web experience and hundreds of websites under his belt. He built his first website in 1997 using Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 and immediately fell in love with the craft. He pushes the limits in website interactions, being known to spend a day or two programming the perfect animation for a hover effect. Boots works out of our Dallas, Texas office and, oddly enough, has never owned a pair of boots.

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