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Mar 03, 2021 • By Garrett Winder

7 years of Good Work

An illustration of 7 plants representing 7 years of Good Work

Somehow I blinked and it’s time for the SEVENTH Good Work birthday message. I wrote last year’s message days before our company retreat in Austin, Texas, where we talked through our big plans for 2020 and beyond. Little did I know that a week or so later it’d be back to the drawing board!

Last year was one of those years where all you can do is get on the boat and hold on tight. It was a blur, we had to think on our feet quite a bit, but we’re much stronger for it. We had gone fully remote a few weeks before lockdown hit, and have always prioritized efficiencies over hands, so we were in as good of a place as we could have been to weather the storm.

In September we said goodbye to Chase Giunta, our resident Daily National Holiday Announcer. It was sad to see him go but luckily (or unluckily) for us he’s still actively trolling the Good Work Slack Channels.

In December we said hello to Robin Mannering, the latest addition to our web development team. He’s in France with Gavin, and has stolen the coveted first place position for Most Scenic Zoom Background.

We launched over a dozen new websites, crowd favorites being the relaunch of e-commerce brand Iconic Interiors in the UK, LMC and Digital Building Components.

On the content front, we continued our monthly email newsletter, Jake launched a Web Development Video Series covering a wide range of topics from Craft CMS to Vue.js and Tailwind, and gave the @simplygoodwork Instagram account a much-needed facelift.

And how could I forget the most cleverly named Craft CMS Plugin on this side of the Mississippi, Donkeytail? With over 150 active installs, Donkeytail is content managing points on images all over the internet.

This next year is an exciting one for Good Work. We’re doubling down on our role as a web development partner for design agencies, and are growing our project management and development teams to better support our clients' needs.

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Orange cupcake with two candles

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