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May 18, 2021 • By Garrett Winder

Top Craft CMS plugins used at Good Work, Part Deux

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We've lived and breathed Craft CMS at Good Work since day one, and once again have asked each member of our development team to select their top Craft CMS plugins. From Neo to Preparse to Donkeytail to SEOmatic, here they are in alphabetical order. Let the listicle begin!


Being the authors of the Donkeytail plugin we are a little biased, but honestly, we use this gem a lot and our clients love it.

“Donkeytail lets you mark specific points on an image asset and relate those out to entries, categories, products - in fact all elements! This is great for highlighting office locations on an illustrated map, pointing out features on a physical product image or maybe highlighting products on a marketing photo of a room layout. These are just a few example of how we've used Donkeytail.”

— Chris Rowe

We brought Donkeytail to life a few years back in the good old Craft 2 days, but it’s since been updated for Craft 3 and even supports GraphQL; grab it today from the plugin store.

Learn more about the Donkeytail plugin »


“Whether it’s a one-time import to migrate content from an old system, or setting up a schedule to pull in entries from other sources like podcasts and social feeds, this super flexible and reliable first-party plugin is an essential piece of many projects. And for commerce projects it’s a breeze to update product details and stock levels, too.”

— Ant Cooper

Learn more about the FeedMe plugin »


“Most of our websites include a super-flexible ‘page builder’ feature which allows clients to create a range of different page layouts. Neo gives content editors a nicer user interface to handle this, and the developer experience is great too – Neo means we can re-use lots of common building block fields which speeds development up tremendously. We can’t wait to see something similar in the core of Craft 4!”

— Gavin Platt

Learn more about the Neo plugin »


“Preparse is a plugin that you'll only appreciate once you've run into a problem that it solves beautifully, and then you'll never forget it.”

— Jake Dohm

This plugin allows you to run some Twig code and save the result as a field on an element. For example, if you had an entry where you could select multiple products, you could also have a Preparse field on that entry called "averagePrice" which automatically calculated the average price of the products, using Twig, and that value would get saved on the entry like a normal field!

Learn more about the Preparse Field plugin »


“There are lots of SEO plugins for Craft, but SEOmatic takes the cake. It takes the guesswork out of creating sitemaps, meta tags, structured data and more.”

— Andrew Menich

By mapping to the fields you already use, SEOmatic builds meta tags and social previews from your existing content, without having to duplicate data or set up custom fields that lock you into the plugin. It also makes adding analytics and other social integrations a breeze. A must-have for every site!

Learn more about the SEOmatic plugin »

Sprout Reports

“The Sprout Report plugin is a fantastic addition to many of our client's websites, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their site visitors.”

— Robin Mannering

The plugin really comes into its own when finding out when registered users visit a site and what kind of actions they perform. Integrated with a commerce website, the client can perform complex marketing queries such as ’show me all the people that have bought product X last week but haven’t bought products Y or Z’. This allows our clients to use that valuable data to cross-market intelligently and increase their sales while also benefiting their customers.

Learn more about the Sprout Reports plugin »

Typed Link Field

“With over 16,000 installs, this free plugin is a must. We add it to every project we make. It covers every situation a client could or might want when creating a link on their page”

— Jeff Irwin

When a client needs a call-to-action button, this plugin handles it really well. Link to Entries, Assets, Categories, URLs or even custom links. Set custom link text, open links in new tabs and set aria labels and link attributes. You will find this plugin in every Good Work project.

Learn more about the Typed Link Field plugin »

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